Tinna Jackson, Founder & Principal

Tinna Jackson is a celebrated executive coach, accredited emotional intelligence expert, and mastermind of strategic operations. Armed with over 25 years of rich, multi-faceted industry experience, Tinna is a dynamic leader and catalyst of change who delivers impressive results.

A Washingtonian at heart, Tinna has polished her transformative leadership prowess across various sectors, including non-profits, trade associations, law and lobbying firms, defense contracting, and national politics. Her portfolio includes influential roles as a C-level executive in a national political committee and deputy chief of staff in the United States Senate, evidencing her capabilities in successfully navigating complex landscapes.

Tinna's uncanny ability to establish genuine connections enables her to assemble diverse talent for crucial management and executive roles. Her track record of executing operations overhauls, pioneering process improvements, and nurturing positive organizational cultures speaks to her ingenuity and adaptability.

Recognized for her vibrant communication style and collaboration skills, Tinna channels her expertise into her venture, Jackson Consulting Group, LLC. Here, she propels growing organizations and decision-makers towards success, leveraging her extensive experience and distinctive skills. Tinna's commitment lies in empowering mission-focused executives to attain successful outcomes and innovating solutions to achieve strategic objectives across diverse political spectrums.

Tinna's accomplishments have been acknowledged with notable accolades such as IAOTP's "Top Executive Coach of the Year 2024," Washingtonian's "Outstanding Women 2023" the "Most Empowering Emotional Intelligence Coach of the Year, 2023" by CIO Today, "Most Inspiring Business Women of the Year 2023" by CXO Outlook, and the "Top 5 Empowering Consultants of 2023" by Business Leaders Review.

Tinna is a proud member of esteemed organizations such as the Center for Executive Coaching, the International Coaching Federation, the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, the Forbes Coaches Council and the International Association of Top Professionals. Through her compelling journey from Southeast DC to top-tier executive roles, Tinna exemplifies the transformative power of leadership and resilience, inspiring high-profile leaders across the political spectrum to partner in their pursuit of professional growth and success.

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